About Me

sel de felipe alejandraI am a postdoctoral researcher working at the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford. I investigate the brain mechanisms of social cognition and associative learning with Prof Matthew Rushworth.

My research is focused on neural mechanism underlying social processing. I am interested in how different brain areas coordinate and mutually interact in understanding social and affective signals from others. My current project investigates the brain processes that underpin self-control and inhibition of responses in social contexts. To perform my research, I employ a variety of techniques including high-density electrophysiological recording techniques (EEG/ERPs), interventional techniques (TMS/tDCS) and behavioural measures as indexes of cognitive processes. You can get more info about my research background and skills in my Research Gate profile or my Frontiers profile.

Besides my research, I greatly enjoy teaching and mentoring students. I have had the opportunity to teach on a number of courses ranging from Research Methods to Biological Psychology, and to supervise final year project students.